Sunday, February 27, 2011

Remove Powered by Phoca Guestbook

Remove Powered by Phoca Guestbook: "I do not miss going to Remove Powered By Phoca Guestbook for Phoca Guestbooks look more attractive."

Phoca Guest Book is used to make stunning guest book and feedback page in joomla website. I had already installed Phoca Guest Book in some of my two projects but was unable to remove the link. I was trying from a long time to remove the phoca guest book copyright link which displays in the guest book component and also I had found some blogs about it. Finally I got a very simple and stupid clue to remove the copyright link from guest book. See the image below, where there is a link in bottom rounded by red.

For removing powered by Phoca guestbook,  we must delete return function called getPhocaId($id)  /components/com_phocaguestbook/helpers/phocaguestbook.php
Change return value :
return $output
return null


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